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This is a list of the most important mountains and plateaus for us in Haute Loire.


List of Mountains and Plateaus

Mountain Belongs to Mountain/Massif Altitude (m) Towns/Villages near-by PR Remarks
Testavoyre Meygal
Boussoulet PR18, PR19 Has two peaks, little spectacular mountain, but beautiful view from the higher summit; winter sports (cross-country skiing)
Pic du Lizieux Lizieux
Montbuzat PR35 Single massif, summit very stony and multifaceted (shaped rocks); Phonolit
Monac (Suc de)  
Monnac, Saint-Julien-Chapteuil PR191 Was our "local mountain" on our first campsite, now destination of short circuits from Sumène; abandoned quarry on the south side
Mont Plaux  
Saint-Pierre-Eynac PR190, PR191, PR254 Large abandoned quarry; summit difficult to reach, large wooded area; Madonna above Saint-Pierre-Eynac
Mont Pigier  
Saint-Hostien PR249 ---
Mont Chabrier  
Queyrières PR199 Suc at the slope of the Meygal massif
Mont Chanis  
Montchanis, Rocherols, Marcilhac MR Quite large but rather unspectacular mountain; former quarry is used as climbing area.
Mont Rouge Meygal
Montchanis MR Peak still within easy reach; orientation table, panoramic view towards Peyre de Bard and Combe Noir (south), a "Suc"
Peyre de Bard Meygal
Bard, La Faye, Villaret MR, PR187 Not climbable, very rocky above, a "Suc"
Mont Mounier Meygal
Villaret, Queyrières PR189 Roundish flat shape similar to La Tortue, slightly rounder perhaps; many scree fields
La Tortue Meygal
Boussoulet PR57 The roundish flat shape with a "offshoot" probably gave the name; partly large scree fields; on one side a climbing area
Queyrières PR199 Quite high mountain and large forest area
Ollieres (Suc d') Pays de Suc
Yssingeaux PR59 A typical Suc (Yssingeaux is located in the "Pay des Sucs"); there are further sucs around...
Mezeres (Deux)  
1202, 1187
Queyrières PR192 Two sucs, hiking trail leads around it or along it; Sentier botanique only recently appreciated by us, has a short cut over a scree field with a beautiful view (you can get to it from two sides)
Mont Gros  
Le Pertuis PR515 Nearby is the Via Ferrata for climbing...
Mont Signon  
Chaudeyrolles PR52 On top, there is an absolute rock chaos (moonscape) "thanks to" centuries of mining Lauze
Rocher Tourte  
Les Estables PR205 Normally only to walk around, but climbers can also climb up on the scree side (we observed a pair of who climbed the mountain)
Les Estables PR205 You just walk past it
Mont d'Alambre Mezènc
Les Estables PR58 Ascent not difficult, beautiful circular trail; Maison Forestière at the foot; winter sports (downhill) with ski lifts
Mézenc Mezènc
Les Estables PR484 Has two peaks, very good view (view of the Alpes) in good weather, easy ascent; tourist magnet...
Plaine de Fariès  
Marcilhac PR254 A plateau where cattle graze
Huche Pointue  
Fougère PR253, PR451 Actually a typical Suc, it can be climbed from one side.
Huche Plate  
Fougère PR451 As the name says, a plateau; beautiful views from the edge

MR: Walk around Mont Rouge


Book List

Year Ref. Book Title Series Number of Hinking Tours
2014/3 D043 La Haute Loire ... à pied (1re éd.) TopoGuides PR 43
2014/5 P435 Le Massif du Mézenc et de la Loire sauvage ... à pied (4e éd.) TopoGuides PR 28
2013/11 P438 Le Pays des Sucs, de la Loire au Meygal ... à pied (2e éd.) TopoGuides PR 26
2004/4 P435 Le Pay du Mézenc et de la Loire ... à pied (2e éd.) TOPO-GUIDE PR 44
2002/12 P438 Le Pays des Sucs et du Meygal ... a pied (1re éd.) TOPO-GUIDE PR 23
2001/7 P435 Le Pays du Mézenc ... à pied (1re éd.) TOPO-GUIDE PR 23
2001/3 P433 Le Pays de l'Emblavez ... à pied (1re éd.) TOPO-GUIDE PR 25




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