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This page introduces the town of Yssingeaux, the biggest town in the "land of the sucs."

About Yssingeaux

After Saint-Julien-Chapteil, Yssingeaux (7,061 inhabitants, 860 m) is the most important shopping place for us, especially when it comes to more than just food. But since there is a bigger supermarket in Saint-Julien-Chapteil, we rarely drive to Yssingeaux for shopping. From Yssingeaux, there are also several roads that lead us to our hiking destinations (Retournac in the north, Lapte in the east), so that we often drive past or through the town, but rarely stop there...

In our eyes, Yssingeaux is anything but beautiful, but has some interesting buildings and, of course, some shops in the centre and also in its periphery. At the moment (2018ff), the centre a is "permanent construction site"... Here are some more remarkable buildings in Yssingeaux:

For some years, we visited the Thursday market, which is large and interesting, but it was always difficult to find a parking place in Yssingeaux. We therefore parked most of the time far away from the center near a cave where we bought some wine. The owner was a bit special, but very nice. He sold us a CD with traditional music, on which his son participates. Outside the center, near the N88, there is a shopping centre with a Super U supermarket, a hardware store, an Intersport shop, and a garden centre; but we shop less and less there...



Additional Information


  • Inhabitants: 7,061
  • Postal code: 43200
  • Average altitude: 860 m


  • Old summer residence of the bishops (l'ancienne résidence d'été des évêques)
  • Church of Saint Peter (eglise Saint-Pierre)
  • Chapel of Penitents (la chapelle des pénitents)
  • Old chapel of the hospital and hospice (l'ancienne chapelle de l'hôpital et hospice)

Well-Known Persons

  • ???


  • Ecole Nationale Superiéure de Pâtisserie
  • Supermarkets, bakeries, butchers, pharmacy, banks, post office, various shops,....


  • Market on Thursdays
  • Horse market in September

Towns and Villages Near-by

  • Beaux (direction Retournac)
  • Bessamorel
  • Quèyrieres

Road Connections

  • The N88 from Saint-Etienne in the northeast to Le Puy in the southwest leads past Yssingeaux. Shortly before Yssingeaux, coming there almost from the north, it becomes only two-lane, but afterwards there are again and again short four-lane sections...
  • The D103 runs from Yssingeaux in northwestern direction to Retournac and in southeastern direction to Tence.
  • A little east of Yssingeaux, the D105 branches off from the N88 and runs eastwards to Montfaucon-en-Velay. From this road, the D43 branches off to Grazac and further east, the D47 branches off to Lapte (we usually take the D432 and then the D65 to Lapte for a shorter distance).
  • The D152 runs almost southwards to Quèyrieres, from where we return to Sumène via the D18 (direction Saint-Hostien) and the D28 (direction Saint-Julien-Chapteuil) ...
  • The D42 runs east of it towards Recharinges; it crosses the D18, which runs west towards Quèyrieres and east towards Araules and Saint-Jeures.

Curiosities in the Environment

  • Pay des sucs: Sucs d'Yssingeaux (suc d'Ollieres, ..)



Map of Yssingeaux


Photo Album

In preparation


Hiking Tours

  Starting Point   Length Duration
Number Recommended Alternative Name (km) h:min min max References
PR328 Yssingeaux Du Neyrial aux bords D'Auze
3:00 730 965 Le Pays des Sucs et du Meygal … à pied (3)
PR328 Yssingeaux Circuit du Chambonet
3:15 730 965 Itinéraire Pédestre (Yssingeaux)
PR367 Yssingeaux --- Circuit de Montivernoux
6:30 930 1280 Itinéraire Pédestre (Yssingeaux)
PR367 Yssingeaux --- Le Montivernoux
5:00 930 1280 Le Pays des Sucs et du Meygal … à pied (4)
PR59 Yssingeaux Circuit des 3 sucs
3:00 920 1070 19 – En massif du Meygal (It. Péd. En Ht. Loire)
PR59 Yssingeaux Le trois sucs
2:30 920 1070 Le Pays des Sucs et du Meygal … à pied (2)
Magenta: Older version (Randonées pédestre et VTT au pays des sucs - Yssingeaux)
Blue (italic number): Older version (Itineraires Pedestres en Haute-Loire)
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