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On this page I list a number of short hiking trails and some nice viewpoints that can be accessed easily by car.



Slowly but surely we are getting on in years (over 70...), and thus, have to change our hiking activities in the Haute Loire a bit for health reasons. Many PR that we used to hike have become too long or too difficult for us. So we have to look for alternatives to discover the beauty of the Haute Loire for ourselves. For this reason, I have started to collect short hiking trails (or walks) and beautiful viewpoints that can be easily reached by car, in order to have a basis for our walks and drives.

The short hiking trails can be created in very different ways:

The viewpoints are well known viewpoints or ones that we have discovered on our own. Sometimes, they can also be the starting point for shorter walks.

For now, I will only describe the walking trails and viewpoints textually. In the not so near future I hope to add maps and maybe photos.


Short Hiking Trails

"Greater area" Saint-Julien-Chapteuil (or Sumène).

PR 59 Les Deux Sucs (with abbreviations) (√ partially, long ago).

Saint-Pierre-Eynac to Les Sauces (√ 2021)

PR 190 Peylenc (with abbreviations) (√ 2022).

PR 191 Autour de Monac (with abbreviation) (√ 2021).

Sentier Botanique near Bouchit (√ a couple of years ago)

PR 199 Monedeyres (with Abbreviations) (√ a couple of years ago).

PR 199 Monedeyres 2 (√ 2021).

PR 189/512 At the Testavoire (√ 2022)

At the Testavoire to the Hut of the Copains (√ 2022)

From les Couderts to Bard (√ 2021)

Mill Walk at Neyzac (√ 2021).

Ascent of the Chapteuil Hill at les Couderts (√ a couple of years ago).

PR 517 La Croix de l'Etoile (with abbreviation) (√ many years ago).

PR 694 Le Sentier des Etoiles (Betz) (√ 2022)

Freycenet-la-Tour, Richtung Mezènc

PR 589 L'étang des Barthes (√ 2022, 2021)


From the parking lot at Mont d'Alambre to Croix de Peccata and (by a slightly different route) back (√ 2021).

From Croix de Peccata to Mont d'Alambre and back (√ 2022).

From the "secondary parking" near the Croix de Peccata on the edge of the forest towards Col de Boutières and back (√ 2022).

From Croix de Boutières along the edge of the forest towards Croix de Peccata and back (√ 2022).

From Croix de Boutières in the forest, partly with views and back (√ 2022).

Direction Loire

Walks on former railroad lines

Tanscevenole: Lantriac Station to Priouret (North)

Tanscevenole: Lantriac Station to bridge over D28 (South).

Tanscevenole: From the Bridge via D28 to Viaduc des Badioux.

Tanscevenole: From Viaduc de la Recoumène (√ a long time ago).

Galoche: Beaulieu to Adiac (√ 2021).

Galoche: Rosières to Adiac

Galoche: Rosières to quarry (√ 20??).

City and village tours


Nice Viewpoints

Croix de Peccata (at the Mezènc)

Croix de Boutières (at the Mezènc)

Parking Lot at Saint-Pierre-Eynac (D28)

Viewpoint at Saint-Pierre-Eynac

Viewpoint at the Madonna of Saint-Pierre-Eynac

Croix de Simon near Freycenet-la-Tour

Madonna near Freycenet-la-Tour

Water House in front of l'Herm (D35)

Calvaire of Rosières




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