Towns and Villages: Araules, Saint-Jeures, Tence

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This page introduces a couple of communities east of the Meagal massif along the D18 and later the D103: Araules Recharinges, Saint-Jeures, Tence.


About the Villages

When discussing the villages east of the Meagal massif, I follow the D18 from west to east.

Araules Recharinges

Araules at the D18 and the village of Recharinges further south at the D42 form, together with another village, the municipality of Araules Recharinges (621 inhabitants; 1044 m). Araules is a little bigger and known to us for the cheese dairy Gerentes (Laiterie Gerentes), which has not only its factory but also a shop in the village. But there, one rather buys the products in large quantities. And because we rarely come to Araules, we only buy their cheese or butter in the supermarket. We especially like the fresh goat cheese (Cadichèvre). Araules is not far from the Pic du Lizieux mountain, and seen from there, Araules stands out above all for its high grain silos...

The village of Recharinges looks a bit like a stony street village...


Further east on the D18 you will find Saint-Jeures (955 inhabitants, 1,040 m), which has (or had...) a Sunday market. It was, however, a long time ago that we visited it. Saint-Jeures offers an old church, a temple (Protestant church), several Béates, fountains, old washhouses and water troughs. Of course, Saint Jeures also advertises with its proximity to the Pic du Lisieux...


The small town of Tence (3,290 inhabitants, 850 m) is clearly further east on the Lignon, and while we thought that it would continue to go downhill there over the years, the opposite seems to be the case: Tence is currently (2018ff) attracting attention in the media as an up-and-coming municipality.

According to Wikipedia, there are the following sights in Tence:

Tence used to have a paper mill (papeterie), which had almost 200 workers at the beginning of the 20th century, but closed down in 1926. In World-War II, the Vichy regime used the large, empty buildings to intern German Nazis, but also Jews; most of the latter died later in German extermination camps. At the river Lignon, which had served as water supply for the old paper mill, a large memorial stone was erected in 2005. A smaller stone immediately next to it commemorates the fate of the short-term camp inhabitants in the internment camps of 1939 and 1940 (according to Wikipedia, adapted).

Near Tence, our former camping neighbours bought a half of a house, and we visited them there already.


Testavoire (1,436 m), Pic du Lizieux (1,388 m)


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To the east of the Meygal massif, which is no longer on the map, the villages of Araules (Recharinges lies south of the D42) and Saint-Jeures are traversed by the D18. Further east, the D18 meets the D103, which continues towards Tence.


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PR639 Monbuzat   Sentier de Bonas 4,4 1:30 1198 1367 La Haute Loire ... à pied (35)
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