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This page introduces a couple of small towns and villages around Lantriac: Lantriac, Saint-Germain-Laprade, and Servissac.


About the Towns and Villages


We knew Lantriac (943 inhabitants, 750 m) for a long time, but only because a butcher who attended the market in Saint-Julien-Chapteuil for years until he retired had his shop in Lantriac. Afterwards, we visited the former station of the railway line La Cevenole, which was never put into operation, for several times in order to hike on the railway track from there. Later, we also visited other destinations in the area south of Lantriac in order to hike from there - partly also on the former railway track.

But one day we actually mangaed to visit the old town center of Lantriac and the church. Both are slightly elevated. As "peculiarities", however, things outside of Lantriac are also mentioned:

One passes Lantriac by driving from Saint-Julien-Chapteil via the D15 and D36 to Lausonne or via the D28 and later D535 in the direction Le-Monastier-sur-Gazeille (and possibly further to Les Estables). Direct access to Lantriac is best via the D36, but it is also possible via the D28. The caves of Couteaux can be accessed via the D28, from where you have to leave in the direction of Couteaux. We already visited the caves (they are at the beginning of a PR).


Saint-Germain-Laprade (3,631 inhabitants, 677 m) was for a long time "outside" of our horizon, which does not extend far west from Saint-Julien-Chapteuil. Once, I got lost in the village and found it quite large, but had to revise this when we visited it again to see Madame Morembert in the temporary home. During this time, we also took a closer look at the place. According to Wikipedia, the sightseeings of the commune are among the most interesting:

The most conspicuous is the rustic church tower, which overlooks the village. Around the church there are old streets and a private castle, which is not accessible. Not far away there is a redesigned town hall and a new cultural centre and a new shopping arcade.

From Saint-Germain-Laprade you also have the best access to Servissac, which is described below.


The castle hill of Servissac (it belongs to Saint-Germain-Laprade) with its cross on top is visible from many higher places in the west. Servissac is close to the Cevenole railway line, which was built but never put into service. It can now be walked on and from which the mountain can also be seen and reached. However, we drove to Servissac by car when we explored the castle hill there. The castle seems to be more of a "self-built ruin", and as we learned, Monsieur Girard, our campsite host, helped with the building there. But there are probably documents from 1280, which show that it is an old castle...

Servissac is not easy to reach. There are two hidden exits from the D15 in the south and two exits from the D150 in the north. The best way to get there is probably to take the D150 from Saint-Germain-La Prade; probably we drove like this...




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Map showing Saint-Germain-Laprade (and Abbaye de Doue), Servissac, Lantriac, and Noustoulet (where the straight Roman road passes by...); further on the top right there are marked villages, which belong to the closer surroundings of our camping site in Sumène, which is also marked.

Map showing Lantriac and details around Lantriac: old railway station of Lantriac, caves of Couteaux, castle of Le Villard


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PR514 Lantriac Gare de Lantriac Rochaubert
3:45 716 941 Le Pays des Sucs et du Meygal … à pied (10)
Magenta: Older version (Randonées pédestre et VTT au pays des sucs - Yssingeaux)
Blue (italic number): Older version (Itineraires Pedestres en Haute-Loire)
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